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A Letter From Our Owner


First, allow me to thank you for taking a moment to consider Adaptable Motions for your unique and important needs! I truly hope that you are able to find resources and information here that will help you on your journey. 

In over 11 years of Occupational Therapy experience, I have come to appreciate that life's transitional moments require great attention, patience, and support. Sometimes those needs go beyond the inpatient, or medical setting. 

This is where the origins of Adaptable Motions begins.


Adaptable Motions offers in home and community services that support not only the client in his or her environment, but the caregiver as well.

It's also a goal to be a resource to those who may not need medical OT services, but will thrive on the support in their home for personal struggles, like bringing home a parent, or a set of twins.

As an advocate for all of the things that Occupational Therapy can do to improve a life, I am taking my experienced skill set, and the skills of highly qualified professionals in my field, and doing my best to shape them into services that meet the needs of my community. 

Recently, I also observed the need for services around home modifications that grew to involve Real Estate professionals. So, with my own license in the field, and with sensitive understanding and care in place for transitions such as these, I became a Senior Real Estate Expert with the National Association of Realtors. We now offer these services for our clients, proudly.


Here are a few fun things you may want to know about me. I am a mother of two children, 6 years apart in age, and am married to a brilliant pilot and engineer. I have a love for fitness and enjoy challenges. My life is full of love and fun, and molds around the need of those I care for, including my clients. I  have always been passionate about finding functional solutions in life for every bump in the road. I always look at an urgent or traumatic situation and feel a sense of calm and immediately go to work on coming up with solutions. This makes me a dependable resource, and excellent therapist, to have in your pocket. It also makes for great skills to provide an amazing team of professionals to help YOU meet YOUR goals, wherever may be. 

Until we meet-

Christa Malsbury

Christa Malsbury; COTA/L,

Realtor, SRES DRE 02150882


Private Clients

To uphold the intimate values of our practice and our client's goals, we do not accept insurance for coverage at this time. We can, however, offer you documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for out of network providers. 

The cost of our services are unique to the demands of each client we meet. We will always review the service plan and cost before we begin.

Occupational Therapy Services

Adult OT Home Based Evaluation:                   

Includes full evaluation of home adaptations and personal treatment needs, including input of relevant caregivers and client support. Will offer two hours of communication with therapist, a formal write up of findings, treatment plan and patient contract, as well as conference with full treatment team. 

Pediatric OT Evaluation:                                    

Includes full evaluation with formal screenings and assessment with an experienced therapist with formal documentation for school and community support. Offers two hours of communication with therapist, followed by a formal write up of findings, treatment plan and recommendations with patient contract presented, as well a conference with full treatment team. 

Hourly Treatment:

Implement the treatment plan with an experienced therapist assigned to you for your specific needs. Takes place both in person at various locations, as needed in phone or video communications, team conferences, and when documentation time is required, as agreed upon  and to better serve the goals established in the treatment plan.

Consulting Services

These services are outside of the formal Occupational Therapy plan and include coaching for lifestyle changes and fitness,
transitions for aging in place, and home or business organization.

Real Estate Services with an SRES

These services are offered with the help of a Senior Real Estate Specialist from the National Association of Realtors, with a focus on finding the right housing options for any individual that finds themselves in life transitions.

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